Promoting health and safety. For everyone.

For the past few weeks, we’ve kept a diligent eye on every recommendation issued by the World Health Organization & Center for Disease Control. We are using those recommendations to bolster our already robust safety and sanitation procedures.

Here are the steps we’ve taken:

  • Increasing the frequency of proper, and frequent, handwashing.
  • Redoubling our efforts to clean and sanitize every inch of our project spaces, including any and all doors and handles of preparation equipment.
  • Sending all employees home who exhibit any signs of illness whatsoever.
  • Requiring all delivery drivers to use hand sanitizer before, and after, each delivery.
  • Mandating all delivery vehicles are cleaned and sanitized before, and after, each delivery.

Nothing is more important than your health and safety, and the need to protect those most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

We are taking multiple steps to minimize health risks to our staff, our clients and our communities, including enhanced cleaning procedures in our Project Sites.